120 Implementing the IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) in a Cross-Platform Environment
8. Check the state of file systems from new client node. See Example 3-80.
Example 3-80 Use mmlsmount to display /gpfs1 mount status
[root@paraguay] mmlsmount gpfs1 -L
File system gpfs1 is mounted on 3 nodes: honduras-gpfs paraguay-gpfs argentina-gpfs
9. Verify the GPFS file system is mounted from argentina. See Example 3-81.
Example 3-81 Use df to display the GPFS file system from the Linux client node
[root@argentina ~]# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
268790176 5561552 249354656 3% /
/dev/sda1 101086 13166 82701 14% /boot
tmpfs 5115680 0 5115680 0% /dev/shm
/dev/gpfs1 104856576 25723136 79133440 25% /gpfs1
[root@argentina ~]#
3.6 DB2 pureScale InfiniBand cluster on AIX
This scenario describes the IBM DB2 pureScale implementation on AIX.
DB2 pureScale is a technology for creating clusters of DB2 servers. DB2 pureScale
technology is available on Linux and AIX database servers. It delivers superior reliability,
transparency, and scalability for transactional (such as OLTP) workloads. DB2 pureScale is
not designed for use with data warehousing. DB2 pureScale provides the Power pureScale
feature, which implements a coupling facility (completely in software) and is relies on
high-bandwidth low-latency InfiniBand networking.
The main features of DB2 pureScale are as follows:
Unlimited capacity
Application transparency
Continuos availability
3.6.1 Requirements: Hardware, software, network, storage
The hardware requirements are as follows:
POWER6® 550 Express Server with Firmware level 3.5.3+
(4) LPARs
POWER6 HMC - Version 7 Release 3.5.0+
The software requirements are as follows:
POWER6 - AIX Version 6.1 Technology Level (TL) 3. With Service Pack (SP) 3
DB2 V98 with pureScale feature

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