172 Implementing the IBM Storwize V7000 V6.3
5.2 Mapping a volume to the host
The first part of this section (5.2.1, “Mapping newly created volumes to the host using the
wizard” on page 172) describes how to map a volume to a host if you click the Create and
Map to Host button. The second part (5.2, “Mapping a volume to the host” on page 172)
explains the manual host mapping process to create customized mappings.
5.2.1 Mapping newly created volumes to the host using the wizard
We continue to map the volume we created in 5.1, “Provisioning storage from IBM Storwize
V7000 and making it available to the host” on page 160. We assume that you followed the
procedure and clicked the Continue button as, for example, shown in Figure 5-4 on
page 162.
To map the volumes, complete the following steps:
1. Select a host to which the new volume should be attached (Figure 5-19).
Figure 5-19 Choose a host
2. The Modify Mappings window opens, and your host and the newly created volume are
already selected. Click OK and the volume is mapped to the host (Figure 5-20).
Figure 5-20 Modify mappings
Chapter 5. Basic volume configuration 173
3. After the task completes, click Close (Figure 5-21), and the wizard returns to the All
Volumes window.
Figure 5-21 Modify Mappings complete
The newly created volume is displayed. We see that it is already mapped to a host
(Figure 5-22).
Figure 5-22 New Volume mapped to host
The host is now able to access the volumes and store data on it. Go to 5.3, “Discovering the
volumes from the host and specifying multipath settings” on page 174 to discover the volumes
on the host and make some additional host settings if required.
You can also create multiple volumes in preparation for discovering them later. Mappings can
be customized as well. Advanced host configuration is described in 8.1.1, “Modifying
Mappings menu” on page 272.

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