Chapter 11. Copy services 451
11.5 Managing Remote Copy using the GUI
The IBM Storwize V7000 storage system provides a separate function icon for copy service
management. There are two windows for managing Remote Copy, which are accessed
through the Copy Services function icon:
򐂰 Remote Copy
򐂰 Partnerships
As the name implies, these two windows are used to manage Remote Copy and
the partnership.
11.5.1 Managing cluster partnerships
The Partnership window is used to manage a partnership between clusters. To access the
Partnership window, click the Copy Services function icon and click Partnerships
(Figure 11-82).
Figure 11-82 Partnership window
452 Implementing the IBM Storwize V7000 V6.3
Creating a partnership
No partnership is defined in our example (Figure 11-83), so you must create a partnership
between the IBM Storwize V7000 systems. Click New Partnership in the Partnership
Figure 11-83 Create a cluster partnership
If there is no partnership candidate, an error window opens (Figure 11-84).
Figure 11-84 No candidates are available to create a partnership
Chapter 11. Copy services 453
Check the zoning and the system status and make sure that the clusters can “see” each
other. Then you can create your partnership by selecting the appropriate remote storage
system (Figure 11-85), and defining the available bandwidth between both systems.
Figure 11-85 Select the remote SAN Volume Controller or IBM Storwize V7000 storage system for a
new partnership
The bandwidth you need to input here is used by the background copy process between the
clusters in the partnership. To set the background copy bandwidth optimally, make sure that
you consider all three resources (the primary storage, the inter-cluster link bandwidth, and the
auxiliary storage) to avoid overloading them and affecting the foreground I/O latency.
454 Implementing the IBM Storwize V7000 V6.3
Click Create and the partnership definition is complete on the first IBM Storwize V7000
system. You can find the partnership listed in the left pane of the Partnership window, and if
you select the partnership, more information for this partnership is displayed on the right
(Figure 11-86).
Figure 11-86 Partially configured partnership
Complete the same steps on the second storage system that becomes a fully
configured partner.
Chapter 11. Copy services 455
The Remote Copy partnership is now implemented between two IBM Storwize V7000
systems and both systems are ready for further configuration of Remote Copy relationships
(Figure 11-87).
Figure 11-87 Fully configured partnership
You can also change the bandwidth setting for the partnership in the Partnerships window
(Figure 11-88). Click Apply Changes to confirm your modification.
Figure 11-88 Apply changes to the partnership bandwidth

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