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Organizations of all sizes are faced with the challenge of managing massive volumes of
increasingly valuable data. But storing this data can be costly, and extracting value from the
data is becoming more difficult. IT organizations have limited resources but must stay
responsive to dynamic environments and act quickly to consolidate, simplify, and optimize
their IT infrastructures. The IBM® Storwize® V5000 system provides a smarter solution that
is affordable, easy to use, and self-optimizing, which enables organizations to overcome
these storage challenges.
Storwize V5000 delivers efficient, entry-level configurations that are specifically designed to
meet the needs of small and midsize businesses. Designed to provide organizations with the
ability to consolidate and share data at an affordable price, Storwize V5000 offers advanced
software capabilities that are usually found in more expensive systems.
This IBM Redbooks® publication is intended for pre-sales and post-sales technical support
professionals and storage administrators.
The concepts in this book also relate to the IBM Storwize V3700.
This book was written at a software level of Version 7 Release 1.
This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working at the IBM
Manchester Lab, UK.
Jon Tate is a Project Manager for IBM System Storage® SAN
Solutions at the International Technical Support Organization,
San Jose Center. Before joining the ITSO in 1999, he worked in
the IBM Technical Support Center, providing Level 2/3 support
for IBM storage products. Jon has over 27 years of experience
in storage software and management, services, and support,
and is an IBM Certified Consulting IT Specialist and an IBM
SAN Certified Specialist. He is also the UK Chairman of the
Storage Networking Industry Association.
Saiprasad Prabhakar Parkar is a senior IT Specialist for IBM
at the ISTL Pune, India. He has worked for IBM for five years
and provides Level 3 support for UNIX, IBM Power Systems,
and storage products. Sai has a total of 10 years of experience
in UNIX, and Power System and Storage. He also is an IBM
Certified Solution Specialist.
xii Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project:
򐂰 Martyn Spink
򐂰 Djihed Afifi
򐂰 Karl Martin
򐂰 Imran Imtiaz
򐂰 Doug Neil
򐂰 David Turnbull
򐂰 Stephen Bailey
IBM Manchester Lab
򐂰 John Fairhurst
򐂰 Paul Marris
򐂰 Paul Merrison
IBM Hursley
򐂰 Mary Connell
Lee Sirett is a Storage Technical Advisor for the European
Storage Competency Centre (ESCC) in Mainz, Germany.
Before he joined the ESCC, he worked in IBM Technical
Support Services for 10 years and providing support for various
IBM Products, including Power Systems™. Lee has 24 years
experience in the IT Industry. He is IBM Storage Certified and
an IBM Certified XIV® Administrator and Certified XIV
Chris Tapsell is a Presales Storage Technical Specialist for
IBM Systems & Technology Group. Before his current role, in
his 25+ years at IBM, he worked as a CE covering products
such as, typewriters up to AS400 (System i®), as a Support
Specialist for all of the IBM Intel server products (PC Server,
Netfinity®, xSeries®, and System x), PCs and notebooks, and
as a Presales Technical Specialist for System x.
Chris holds a number of IBM Certifications covering System x
and Storage products.
Paulo Tomiyoshi Takeda is a SAN and Storage Disk
Specialist at IBM Brazil. He has over eight years of experience
in the IT arena. He holds a Bachelors degree in Information
Systems from Universidade da Fundacao Educacional de
Barretos and is IBM Certified for IBM DS8000® and IBM
Storwize V7000. His areas of expertise include planning,
configuring, and troubleshooting DS8000, SAN Volume
Controller, and IBM Storwize V7000. He was involved in
storage-related projects such as, capacity growth planning,
SAN consolidation, storage microcode upgrades, and copy
services in the Open Systems environment.

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