332 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Figure 7-58 Migrate Image Mode Volume into a regular storage pool
The migration internally uses the volume copy function, which creates a second copy of the
existing volume in the chosen target pool. For more information about the volume copy
function, see Chapter 8, “Advanced host and volume administration” on page 349.
The original volume copy on the image mode MDisk is deleted and the newly created copy is
7.3.3 MDisk by Pools panel
The MDisks by Pools panel (as shown in Figure 7-59) displays information about all MDisks
made of internal and external storage. The MDisks are categorized by the pools to which they
are attached.
Figure 7-59 MDisk by Pool window
Chapter 7. Storage pools 333
The following default information is provided:
򐂰 Name
The MDisk or the storage pool name that is provided during the configuration process.
򐂰 ID
The MDisk or storage pool ID that is automatically assigned during the configuration
򐂰 Status
The status of the MDisk and storage pool. The following statuses are possible:
All MDisks are online and performing optimally.
One MDisk is in degraded state (for example, missing SAS connection to enclosure of
member drives or a failed drive with no spare available). As shown in Figure 7-60, the
pool also is degraded.
Figure 7-60 One degraded MDisk in pool
One or more MDisks in a pool are offline. The pool (Pool3) also changes to offline, as
shown in Figure 7-61.
Figure 7-61 Offline MDisk in a pool
򐂰 Capacity
The capacity of the MDisk. The capacity is shown for the storage pool, which is the total of
all the MDisks in this storage pool. The usage of the storage pool is represented by a bar
and the number.
򐂰 Mode
An MDisk features the following modes:
Array mode MDisks are constructed from internal drives by using the RAID
functionality. Array MDisks are always associated with storage pools.

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