Chapter 9. Easy Tier 441
Figure 9-36 Virtual Disk wizard Creation
9.8.2 Generating reports by using Java GUI
In this section, we describe how to generate sample reports by using the GUI. We also create
a probe to collect information from IBM Storwize V5000, as shown in Figure 9-37.
Figure 9-37 Create Probe option
442 Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000
Add the IBM Storwize V5000 probe for collecting information, as shown in Figure 9-38.
Figure 9-38 Adding IBM Storwize V5000 in probe
After you create a probe, you can click Create Subsystem Performance Monitor, as shown
in Figure 9-39.
Figure 9-39 Create subsystem performance monitor
Chapter 9. Easy Tier 443
To check the MDisk performance, click Disk Manager Reporting Storage Subsystem
Performance By Managed Disk. You see many options to include in the wizard to check
MDisk performance, as shown in Figure 9-40.
Figure 9-40 Managed disk performance report filter specification
Click Generate Report to see a report, as shown in Figure 9-41.
Figure 9-41 MDisk performance report
Click the upper left icon to see a history chart report of the selected MDisk, as shown in
Figure 9-42 on page 444.

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