adoption through execution, 76–77

mistakes of implementation, big bang training effort, 78

communication, 79–80

lack of setting iterative-based goals for implementation, 78–79

overuse of RUP, 79

process definition, 77–78

adoption versus maturity level, 101

agile alliance, 6

Agile Methodologies, 6


XP, 6–7

analyst reports, ROI assessments, 38–39

areas of improvement, sample ROI assessment, 160

assembling ROI assessment teams, 36


process of, 33–35


analysis of key areas where RUP and Rational tools add value, 41–42

financial calculations, 42–46

gathering data, 40

gathering data, interviewees, 40

gathering data, interviews, 40–41

reviewing input options, 36–40

writing, 46–47

start of change, 31

what to assess, 31–33 ...

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