Chapter 8. WebSphere BI Express configuration 111
8.5 Create and configure the collaboration objects
We will now create and configure the collaboration objects from the templates.
The objects and the templates they are based on are shown in Table 8-2:
Table 8-2 Collaboration templates and objects created
We will not be creating the email collaborations. Where these collaborations
would normally be used, we will bind with a Port connector. See Figure 8-15.
Figure 8-15 Flow of collaborations
Collaboration Template Collaboration Object
UCCnet_ItemSync UCCnet_ItemSyncObject
ItemCommandRouter ItemCommandRouterObject
UCCnetXSD_CIN_Dispatcher UCCnetXSD_CIN_DispatcherObject
UCCnet_requestWorklist UCCnet_requestWorklistObject
UCCnet_processWorklist UCCnet_processWorklistObject
delist and withdraw
add, update
112 Implementing WebSphere BI Express for Item Synchronization
The figure above shows the basic flow from a back-end application to UCCnet as
it works through a series of collaborations. As can be seen, the first of the
collaborations that must be processed as part of the item synchronization
process is the ItemSync itself. This is where we will commence building the
collaboration objects.
8.5.1 UCCnet_ItemSync collaboration object
See Figure 8-16 for illustration of the UCCNet_ItemSync collaboration flow.
Figure 8-16 Flow of UCCnet_ItemSync collaboration
1. From the System Manager, right-click on the Collaboration Objects folder in
the ItemSyncLibrary ICL
2. Select Create New Collaboration Object. See Figure 8-17 on page 113.
Validate fields, send
e-mail if validation fails
Update table
Add entry to audit table
Hand off to
Audit log table
Chapter 8. WebSphere BI Express configuration 113
Figure 8-17 Select template
3. Select the UCCnet_ItemSync template.
4. Enter a Collaboration Object name of UCCnet_ItemSyncObject.
5. Click Next. See Figure 8-18 on page 114.
114 Implementing WebSphere BI Express for Item Synchronization
Figure 8-18 Select binding type
6. On this screen, we select the binding type for the ports.
7. Set the binding types as shown in Table 8-3:
Table 8-3 Port binding types
8. Click Next. See Figure 8-19 on page 115.
Port Binding Type
DestinationAppRetrieve Connector
From Connector
To Collaboration
Chapter 8. WebSphere BI Express configuration 115
Figure 8-19 Set the trace properties
9. Set the trace levels to their maximum values.
10.Click Next. See Figure 8-20 on page 116.

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