48 Improving Business Performance Insight
3.1 Getting the information for performance insight
Most decisions made in corporations today are an integral part of some business
process. And those decisions today are not just reserved for management, there
is more and more reliance on the front-line workers to take appropriate action.
However, this has generated a more significant demand for the availability of
timely and relevant information, in the right context and from various sources, to
enable both management and workers to make informed and effective decisions.
In addition, technology and leading-edge organizations are enabling decision
making to be taken a step further. And that step is the enabling of decision
making by the business processes themselves. That is, with improved business
processes and their integration with IT, many decisions can now be made inline,
in real time, as the process executes. This is a significant advancement in
efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes.
As this technology advances and improves, these business processes continue
to improve. Many times today, the data that is provided by the application
modeling the business process does not supply all of the information and
contextual insight required for these inline decisions. One way to satisfy this
requirement is by providing an analytical service.
Included with such a service are dashboards that can provide an aggregated
real-time view of the performance of the organization and indicate actions that
can be taken to better manage to successful achievement of the business
performance measurements.
As an example, with WebSphere Process Integration we have the ability to
model, execute, and monitor a process, and a means to optimization.
Performance insight takes this to the next level by introducing business
intelligence at the point of decision. Then, based on the availability of real-time
data, alerting, inline analytics, and more informed decision making, organizations
can more effectively optimize the business.
3.1.1 Roles
When discussing how business intelligence can be used within a business
process, we need to look at different roles of users. In this section, we discuss
two primary roles in a performance insight solution.
Direct participants in the business process
Who are the participants in a business process? These are the front-line workers
who execute the activities defined by the process. They need to leverage
business intelligence at the point of decision. And, it is critical that business

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