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Table 6-5 Basic and Advanced comparison
6.4.3 Publishing Server
WebSphere Business Modeler provides the capability to publish business
processes created within WebSphere Business Modeler. Once published,
authorized viewers can view and comment on the business processes using a
standard Internet browser.
Feature Basic Advanced
Modes Basic, Intermediate, and
Basic, Intermediate,
Advanced, BPEL, and FDL
Versioning Yes Yes
Simulation No Yes
Static and Dynamic
No Yes
Reporting (create reports) Yes Yes
Query Report Yes Yes
Basis Report Templates Yes Yes
Printing Yes Yes
Modeler Project
Ye s Ye s
Delimited file
Ye s Ye s
ADF Import Yes Yes
XSD Import/Export No Yes
UML Export No Yes
FDL and BPEL Export No Yes
FDL Import No Yes
Visio Import Yes Yes
XML Import/Export No Yes
Swimlane Editor Yes Yes
Business Measures
No Yes
Chapter 6. Case study software components 221
When publishing the business process, WebSphere Business Modeler is able to
create visual representations of business processes along with supporting
information. The more accurate and detailed the information contained in
WebSphere Business Modeler, the more accurate the analysis. An important
step in modeling the business processes is to validate the process and its data.
One way to achieve this validation is to make the business processes available
so that subject matter experts and other interested parties can review them.
Publishing Server allows someone using WebSphere Business Modeler to
publish an entire business process modeling project or just parts of it to a server.
Models are published in the standard process model view. The subject matter
experts and other reviewers can then view the process diagrams and their
supporting information using a standard Internet browser.
In addition to just viewing business processes, authorized reviewers can use
Publishing Server to comment about a diagram or about its supporting
information. Because the comments are visible and other reviewers can respond
to the comments, Publishing Server provides a forum for discussing and
resolving differences of opinion on a business process. The comments and
responses are tracked by originator and date/time at creation. These comments
and responses can then be exported permitting the modeling team to update the
model, making it more accurate.
WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing Server also allows authorized
reviewers to post attachments such as Microsoft Word documents. The
attachments allow the reviewer to provide the modeling team with additional
information that they can use to update the business processes.
WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing Server has three major components:
publisher, publishing server, and client.
The publisher is a plug-in for Business Modeler that takes modeling projects or
selected elements from a modeling project and publishes them to the publishing
The publisher acts as a gateway to the publishing server. The person performing
the role of publisher selects which projects or model elements to publish and
which publishing server to host the published project. Projects or model elements
can be published in an in-progress mode. An administrator can then publish the
information into a released mode. Information published in both modes is
displayed with information contained in the advanced mode of WebSphere
Business Modeler. This becomes useful when working with multiple versions of
the business process models so that the correct level of information is shown to
users at the right time.

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