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P. D. HardyImproving the Quality of ABAP Codehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6711-0_9

9. Ensuring Code Runs in ABAP in the Cloud

Paul David Hardy1  
North Strathfield, NSW, Australia

“In the cloud” is where everybody wants to be—at least in recent times—and as of 2019 (just when everyone thought ABAP was about to die as a programming language), ABAP has joined the cloud party.

The original situation was that although the core of S/4HANA in the Cloud was still written in ABAP, if you wanted to write a “user exit” equivalent or build a Z extension in the same way you used to write Z programs inside your on-premises SAP system, then you had to write that code in Java or JavaScript, and SAP would supply tools to make that ...

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