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Chapter 8. Application enablement
In this chapter we provide a brief discussion of enhancements to IMS that support new
environments for Java applications.
򐂰 Support the execution of a Java application in a standalone Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
environment in two new IMS dependent region types:
Java Message Processing (JMP) region type for message driven JVM applications
Java Batch Processing (JBP) region type for non-message driven JVM applications
򐂰 Java standards enhancements
򐂰 JDBC DL/I access enhancements
򐂰 XML and IMS
Many of new features have been retrofitted to IMS Version 7 through the service process.
We recommend reviewing the IBM Redbook
IMS Version 7 Java Update,
SG24-6536. This
book discusses installation, tailoring and configuration of IMS, CICS, and DB2 environments
to use JDBC to access IMS databases. JDBC access from WebSphere environment is
covered in Chapter 9, Java enhancements for IMS and WebSphere on page 109.

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