Appendix H. Related Publications
The publications listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a
more detailed discussion of the topics covered in this redbook.
H.1 International Technical Support Organization Publications
For information on ordering these ITSO publications see “How to Get ITSO
Redbooks” on page 167.
IMS/ESA Version 6 Shared Queues
, SG24-5088
IMS/ESA Version 6 Guide
, SG24-2228
IMS/ESA Data Sharing in a Parallel Sysplex
, SG24-4303
IMS/ESA Sysplex Data Sharing: An Implementation Case Study
, SG24-4831
IMS/ESA Multiple Systems Coupling in a Parallel Sysplex
, SG24-4750
OS/390 MVS Parallel Sysplex Capacity Planning
, SG24-4680
Parallel Sysplex Coupling Facility Online Monitor: Installation and Users
, SG24-5153
H.2 Redbooks on CD-ROMs
Redbooks are also available on CD-ROMs. Order a subscription and receive
updates 2-4 times a year at significant savings.
CD-ROM Title Subscription
Collection Kit
System/390 Redbooks Collection SBOF-7201 SK2T-2177
Networking and Systems Management Redbooks Collection SBOF-7370 SK2T-6022
Transaction Processing and Data Management Redbook SBOF-7240 SK2T-8038
AS/400 Redbooks Collection SBOF-7270 SK2T-2849
RS/6000 Redbooks Collection (HTML, BkMgr) SBOF-7230 SK2T-8040
RS/6000 Redbooks Collection (PostScript) SBOF-7205 SK2T-8041
Application Development Redbooks Collection SBOF-7290 SK2T-8037
Personal Systems Redbooks Collection SBOF-7250 SK2T-8042
H.3 Other Publications
These publications are also relevant as further information sources:
IMS/ESA Common Queue Server Guide and Reference
, LY37-3730 (Available
only to licensed customers)
IMS/ESA Customization Guide
, SC26-8732
IMS/ESA Installation Volume 2: System Definition and Tailoring
, GC26-8737
IMS/ESA Operator
s Reference
, SC26-8742
IMS/ESA Messages and Codes
, GC26-8739
IMS/ESA Operations Guide
, SC26-8741
IMS/ESA Performance Analyzer User Guide
, SC26-9088
OS/390 MVS Programming: Assembler Services Reference
, GC28-1910
OS/390 Setting Up a Sysplex
, GC28-1779
Copyright IBM Corp. 1998 165
OS/390 MVS Programming: Assembler Services Guide
, GC28-1762
OS/390 MVS Programming: Sysplex Services Guide
, GC28-1771
OS/390 MVS System Commands
, GC28-1781
OS/390 PR/SM Planning Guide
, GA22-7236
DFSMS/MVS DFSMSdss Storage Administration Reference
, SC26-4929
166 IMS/ESA Shared Queues Planning Guide

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