Chapter 6. Retake the Floor

(Martial Art: Self-Defense)

Become one with the opponent, like an image reflected in the mirror.

Ittosai Sensei Kenpo-Sho (Teacher Ittosai Sword Manual) By Kotoda Yahei Toshida (1716) [6.1]

When your Q&A session moves from Yield the Floor to Retake the Floor, the shift in dynamics presents another opportunity for you to exercise control. The energy in the room shifts away from the questioner and back to you.

Let’s return our focus to that moment after you have Opened the Floor to the gentleman in the middle of the room. He has asked his long, rambling question and you, either on your own, or through his restatement, now fully grasp the Roman Column in his question. Being a results-driven person, you are eager to provide ...

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