Chapter 25: Calculating and Improving Your Twitter Click-Through Rate

Editor's Note: Seeking to improve the click-through rate of tweet links, Rand walks readers of The Moz Blog through a manual process for analyzing Twitter data. He notes that while the process is interesting, it is not scalable, and challenges readers to create a robust “Twitter Optimizer” tool. That was November 2010. Flash forward to today. Marketers now have a dizzying array of Twitter Optimizers to choose from, including Buffer, HootSuite, Sprout Social, Social Bro, and Raven Tools, to name a few. Moz has even acquired a Twitter Optimizer of its own, Followerwonk, which helps you increase your Twitter ROI by analyzing your social graph. Who would have thunk?

As marketers, many of us leverage Twitter as a direct traffic tool. We use the service to share URLs to increase brand awareness, help increase site visits, and possibly drive some direct actions (for example, sign-ups, sales, or subscriptions). From what I've seen and experienced, not many of us spend time thinking about how to improve the click-through rate (CTR) of the links we tweet.


Given that I have 21K+ followers, but most of the links I tweet generate 150-250 clicks, my CTR is only averaging 1.34 percent.

As analytics junkies, we're well aware that we can only improve things that we measure, analyze, and test. So let's look at ...

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