Chapter 26: Launching a New Website: 18 Steps to Successful Metrics and Marketing

Editor's Note: The process of launching a new website for the first time is often intimidating—even fearful—for many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners. Getting started (or even knowing where to start) can be the hardest part. In this post (originally published over two years ago and updated for 2013), Rand Fishkin shares an 18-step plan for launching a new website. The plan not only helps new website owners figure out where to start the launch process, but ensures they cover all the basics as well—both on- and off-site.

The process of launching a new website is often an uncertain and scary prospect. This is typically due to lack of knowledge. In this chapter, I give my best recommendations for launching a new site from a marketing and analytics perspective. You'll learn not only how to improve your new website's SEO, but its accessibility and ability to generate traffic as well. You can also learn how to measure and improve just about everything regarding your site.

#1: Install Visitor Analytics

Nothing can be improved that is not tracked. Keeping these immortal words of wisdom in mind, get your pages firing analytics code before your first visitor arrives. Google Analytics (GA) ( is the obvious choice, and customization options abound. For most sites, I'd highly recommend at least using first-touch attribution. While GA tracks last-touch attribution ...

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