Meet the Authors

James Agate is the founder of Skyrocket SEO, a link building and content marketing agency working with agency partners and large companies across the world. James is a regular contributor to Moz and other blogs, and an avid Tweeter. You can follow James on Twitter - @jamesagate.

Craig Bradford is an SEO Consultant for Distilled London, and a global associate of Moz. Craig has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes; from agile startups to multi-nationals. He is a regular contributor to the Distilled and Moz blogs; his interests include technical SEO and conversion rate optimization. Craig is on Twitter - @CraigBradford.

Ruth Burr is an SEO and data-driven marketer living in Seattle, WA. She is Lead SEO at Moz, where she builds and executes the SEO strategy for and its related properties. Ruth has been working in agency-side and in-house SEO and PPC since 2006, and is passionate about technical SEO, content planning, SEO evangelism, karaoke, and grilled cheese sandwiches. You can find her tweeting from her personal account, @ruthburr.

Paras Chopra is the founder of Visual Website Optimizer, the world's easiest A/B split-testing software. Thousands of companies and agencies have been able to increase sales and conversions up to 90 percent within the first few days of using the tool. You can follow the company on Twitter - @wingify.

Tom Critchlow worked for online marketing agency Distilled for five years, helping to grow the company as it spread across ...

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