Chapter 9

Building Your Conversion Machine

In This Chapter

arrow Why build a Conversion Machine?

arrow Understanding the components of a Conversion Machine

arrow Building your website engine

arrow Fueling up with content

arrow Lubricating the paths to conversion

Inbound marketers are attraction and conversion architects. As you build and refine your inbound attraction inputs and purchase path flow, you’ll be building a system that establishes a series of conversions that culminate in an action (purchase). I call this system a Conversion Machine (see Figure 9-1), and it consists of the following parts:

  • Website engine: Building your website based on a conversion-centric architectural blueprint powers your online marketing efforts.
  • Content fuel: Your website engine needs fuel to run. Premium, high-octane content powers your engine to run faster and more efficiently.
  • Frictionless user experience: A Call-to-Action Map lubricates the user experience. Organizing your site based on an intuitive, natural customer path ...

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