Chapter 11

Creating a Call-to-Action Map

In This Chapter

arrow Learning about Call-to-Action Maps

arrow Creating your CTA Map

arrow Understanding how a CTA Map increases conversion rates

arrow Classifying and segmenting your conversions

arrow Completing your customer data through progressive profiling

arrow Testing your CTA Maps

There’s a path to every purchase. Each consumer must find you and your products and establish a perceived value for those products before they act. Your website is the engine of your Conversion Machine so building your site map to accommodate your visitors’ needs will increase your conversions. This chapter introduces a new information architecture concept called a Call-to-Action (CTA) Map. The CTA Map provides a website blueprint. In other words, a CTA Map is simply a site map designed with a series of conversions in mind, each one bringing your visitor one step closer to a desired action: a ...

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