Chapter 15

Growing Your Organic Traffic

In This Chapter

arrow Ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs)

arrow Optimizing to be found by both consumers and search engines

arrow Knowing the factors that help you rank higher

arrow Utilizing SEO tactics responsibly and authentically

This chapter is a basic overview of search-engine optimization (SEO), so if you consider yourself an SEO expert, feel free to skip this chapter. This is not a deep-dive into SEO.

Understanding the ways organic search results contribute to your inbound marketing efforts is important. People will find you if you’ve optimized your website, your content, and your inbound system. Understanding the importance of organic (free) traffic as an input to your Customer Conversion Chain requires a basic understanding of how SEO connects to your inbound marketing system.

Improving Your Organic Traffic

Depending on which research you study, somewhere between 66 percent and 83 percent of people searching on the Internet click on organic rankings. Roughly two-thirds of these people click on the top five results on the first SERP displayed ...

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