Chapter 19

Knowing Your Conversion Types

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding different types of conversion

arrow Learning about the Customer Conversion Chain

arrow Knowing what lead data to collect

arrow Classifying and segmenting conversions

arrow Working with contact and customer data

Acustomer’s path to purchase is a meandering series of steps, crowded with distractions and disturbances. As an inbound marketer, you cannot control the purchase decision but you can influence it by paving the path with stepping stones of conversions.

Upon attracting visitors to your website, you want to engage them. This requires conveying a certain degree of trust. The deeper the engagement, the deeper your need to communicate and demonstrate trust. Conveying trust in a valuable product causes a conversion. A conversion, as you may recall, is defined as an exchange in which a visitor shares his or her personal data, such as name, address, phone number, and email address, in exchange for something of perceived value.

The first ...

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