Chapter 20

Increasing Website Conversions

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering different methods of increasing conversions

arrow Measuring and sharing conversion data

arrow Tweaking CTAs for increased conversions

arrow Learning which conversions matter

arrow Replicating successful conversion paths

Now that you know about the different conversion types comprising the Customer Conversion Chain, the next logical discussion is how to increase your conversions.

In this chapter, I discuss evaluating your Customer Conversion Chain so you can begin implementing changes. Using a fictional software-as-a-service (SaaS) company as an example, I explain how to look for opportunities to increase conversions. Applying this knowledge to your own situation requires three things:

  • A functioning website designed on conversion architecture
  • Access to business numbers and digital marketing analytics
  • Some form of automation software, even if it’s basic

If you don’t like numbers or math, skip this chapter so you can spend time memorizing ...

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