Chapter 22

Measuring Your Inbound Marketing Results

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing your most important inbound metrics

arrow Pulling key reports from Google Analytics

arrow Using marketing automation software as a measurement tool

Measuring your inbound marketing results is the final part of the inbound process. Good inbound strategy clearly defines success metrics and milestones. After hypothesizing outcomes based on your Customer Conversion Chain and applying inbound marketing tactics, it’s time to measure your success.

This chapter covers very basic analytics reporting. More detailed custom reports are available, and I encourage you to build those reports around your custom needs. Using the basic reporting outlined here provides a foundation for you to expand your efforts. Be aware, however, of the common flaw of creating analytic reports only for the sake of creating more reports. The most important part of measuring your inbound marketing isn’t what happened. You can’t change that. The most important part is attempting to understand why things happened, and making adjustments and improvements backed by data and connected to business objectives. Keep this in mind before you create yet another ...

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