Chapter 23

Understanding User Testing

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the difference between attitudinal and behavioral testing

arrow Knowing what to test

arrow Learning about A/B split testing

arrow Learning about screencasting

Earlier in this book I mentioned that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring. Now I submit to you that if something’s worth measuring, it’s worth testing. By purposefully testing your key success metrics and acting on your discoveries, you may intelligently affect your outcomes. Increasing the positive impact of any given inbound marketing factor results in an increase in the overall successful outcome of your inbound marketing initiatives. Testing factors that affect your key metrics provides insight into incremental improvements you may discover and implement for every point in the Customer Conversion Chain.

This chapter is not a thorough examination of extremely sophisticated or technical testing methods. I’ll hire a mathematician for that. As an inbound marketer, you need simpler behavioral tests, the findings of which may have a more immediate impact on your marketing ...

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