Chapter 24

Ten Steps to Implementing Inbound Marketing

Getting started with inbound marketing doesn’t have to be a monumental task. By taking a logical calculated approach, you can be up and running with your inbound marketing within 90 days.

In order to begin inbound marketing, you need the basics of your Conversion Machine to be in place. You need a functional website that is both attractive and conversion-oriented. Your goals and objectives should be very clear and manageable. Lastly, assessing your current digital marketing position and defining your problems in business terms rather than in marketing terms increases your conversion rates and your success rate.

Determining Whether Your Organization Is Open to Change

The first step in implementing inbound marketing into your organization is company acceptance, of a new method of marketing. Basing your inbound marketing on customer-centric, attractive marketing that pulls customers into a relationship with your company is much different than interruptive “push” marketing methods. By expressing your marketing initiatives with positive business outcomes, key decision-making people within your organization are more likely to comprehend what you’re trying to achieve with inbound marketing and embrace it.

Leading your company’s evolution into inbound marketing requires commitment, communication, and coordination. For those with the foresight and fortitude, the payoff is great. Here’s how to determine if your company is ready for ...

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