A/B testing:
 In marketing, a comparison of two ads, ad campaigns, landing pages, promotional offers, or websites to see which is more effective. In traditional A/B testing, the A version is usually the current design or the control and the B version is the variant, usually identical to the A except for a single change. This change can be as simple as changing a color in a call-to-action from red to blue or as complex as creating an entirely new ad or website. Testing each allows marketers to conclude which performs better to create more conversions.
 The study of meaningful patterns of data in order to research trends or analyze performance. For web analytics, web platforms make finding this data easy. Marketers can use this knowledge to fine-tune and improve their marketing efforts.
 From a marketing perspective, blogging means regularly publishing fresh content to your website. This content includes things such as articles, commentary, and visual content like infographics, photos, and videos. Blogging functions as an inbound attraction function, inviting new visitors to your site while promoting thought leadership.
bounce rate:
 The rate in which visitors leave the first page of your site they land on without visiting any other pages. A high bounce rate has a negative effect on search engine rankings.
buyer persona:
 See persona.
Buyer’s Journey (also known as the sales funnel):
 This is a way of describing the buying process, and it’s set up in three ...

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