Chapter 21Yokel Local's Strange Trip to Becoming a HubSpot Agency Partner

Darrell was mad!

“How could HubSpot say we were not a good fit for their partner program?” Darrell fumed.

Stormie Andrews and Darrell Evans started Yokel Local in Las Vegas as a local search services firm to help companies implement a digital strategy. By 2013 Yokel Local had become experts at driving web traffic for their clients, but they wanted to expand their client relationships into other services and become more of a full-service marketing firm. Both Stormie and Darrell had sales experience and wanted to build an agency that directly impacted the top line for their clients by helping them generate net new customers.

“We knew there was more to the story for our clients. They needed full marketing and sales funnel support, so we started looking for the best tools and a partner program that could help us. That is when we came to HubSpot,”1 says Stormie.

David Weinhaus, the HubSpot partner sales rep assigned to Yokel Local, describes their first few calls this way: “They were offering their clients a local SEO type service in the Las Vegas area, so my initial thought was that these guys were not a good fit for our business. I wasn't completely sure, so I took the first call with them to ask some additional questions. Once we started talking, the differences became a bit clearer between the way they thought about the problems they solved for their clients and how HubSpot approached the problem.”2

So, ...

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