Chapter 5. Working with Pages and Layers


  • Adding, removing, and rearranging document pages

  • Adjusting page numbers

  • Working with sections

  • Navigating through a document and scrolling in a page

  • Working with transparency, page rotation, and page transitions

  • Adjusting page layouts and objects

  • Understanding layers

  • Creating and managing layers

  • Working with object on layers

It's a rare InDesign user who creates only one-page documents. Even if business cards, ads, and posters are your bread and butter, you'll probably produce at least a few multipage documents. If you plan to create newsletters, newspapers, books, catalogs, or any other such multipage publications, you need to know how to add pages to your document, move pages around if you change your mind, and delete pages if necessary.

In addition to letting you create multipage documents — something that most illustration and image-editing programs don't — InDesign lets you divide multipage documents into independently numbered sections. As documents grow in size, your ability to navigate quickly to the page you want to work on becomes an important consideration. The longer you spend getting to the page you want, the less time you have to work on it. Fortunately, InDesign provides several navigation aids that make it easy to move around on a page or in a document.

Working with Multipages Documents

If you intend to create a multipage document, you should select the Facing Pages option in the New Document dialog box (choose File

Note ...

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