Welcome to Adobe InDesign CS4 Bible — your personal guide to a powerful, full-featured publishing program that offers precise but flexible control over all aspects of page design. My goal is to guide you each step of the way through the publishing process, showing you how to make Adobe's InDesign CS4 work for you. You'll also learn tips and tricks about publishing design that you can use in any document, whether it was created in InDesign or not.

Taking the best from the two schools of thought on desktop publishing, when it appeared in 1999, InDesign was a ground-breaking merger of the highly structured approach of programs such as QuarkXPress and the bygone Ventura Publisher with the more naturalistic approach of Adobe PageMaker, which it essentially replaced. Nearly a decade later, InDesign continues this "have it both ways" approach while offering an incredibly wide range of desktop-publishing capabilities for sophisticated designers who develop magazines, books, ads, and product brochures. It also gives the power of the press to individuals and groups who use the program's impressive set of publishing tools to communicate their thoughts, dreams, and philosophies.

Version CS4 of InDesign takes this strong legacy and makes it even better, often in subtle ways meant to make the workflow process easier and more intuitive. While InDesign's abundance of features necessarily makes its interface complex, Adobe continues to find ways to simplify it while adding yet more capabilities. ...

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