1  Introduction

1  Exceptions include Muppidi (1999, 2004), Krishna (1999), Abraham (1998).

2  See Hardt and Negri's (2000) (theorization of the relationship between colonialism, modernity and Eurocentrism. On the pervasive Eurocentrism of knowledge production and representations of non-Europeans as the Other, see Said (1995) and Young (1990).

3  See Bowden (2009) on the historical evolution of the concept of ‘civilization’ and the ‘standard of civilization’. See Jahn (2000) on ‘the state of nature’ as a key category of Western political thought, its impact on Europe's relations with non-Europeans and on the discipline of International Relations. See Anghie (2004) on the idea of the ‘civilizing mission’ as central to the imperial and ...

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