Chapter 12

This chapter reflects developments up ro 2005. Changes after rhar year have nor been incorporated.

1. Other expressions used to describe the post-Cold War era include ‘a world trans-formed’, ‘turbulence in world politics’, ‘end ofhistory’, ‘end of geography’, ‘back to the future’, ‘clash of civilisations’, etc. See, for instance, R. Tucker, S. Hoffman, K. Keller and W. McNeil, Foreign Affairs (New York), Vol. 69, No.4, 1990; James N. Rosenau, Turbulence in World Politics (Princeton, 1990); Francis Fukuyama, ‘The End of History’, The National Interest, Vol. 16, Summer 1989; Takshinouguchi, ‘Dialectics of World Order: A View from Pacific Area’, in Hans-Hemik Holm and George Sorenson, eds, ‘Whose World Order: Uneven Globalisation and ...

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