Renewable Plastics Derived From Natural Polymers


After a brief inventory of the various families of renewable plastics derived from natural polymers, this chapter deals with properties, processing and uses of thermoplastic starch, polylactic acid (PLA), cellulosics, aliphatic polyesters, liquid wood, and self-reinforced composites produced from cereals.

Ready-to-use thermoplastic blends and derivatives of starch include Mater-Bi® (Novamont), Bioplast, Solanyl (Rodenburg), BIOPAR® (Biop), Plantic, Cornpole (Japan Corn Starch), PSM (Wuhan Huali), GAÏALENE® (Roquette), Biolice (Limagrain).

For neat or reinforced polylactic acid derivatives (PLA, poly-L-lactide, poly-D-lactide, Neo-PLA, Stereocomplex), specific information put emphasis on formulation ...

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