5.5. Renewable Polyamides

Polyamides or nylons are as follows:
• homopolymers of an amino acid, or
• copolymers of a diamine and a diacid.
The polyamides differ by the nature and lengths of the units between amide groups and by the arrangement of these amide groups. Certain properties are clearly affected by the length of the chains.
The most commonly used polyamides are linear but special ones are semiaromatic with an aromatic diacid and a linear diamine or a linear diacid and an aromatic diamine. For example,
PA 66 is a copolymer of hexamethylenediamine (C6 diamine) and adipic acid (C6 diacid).
PA 6 is the homopolymer of a C6 amino acid.
PA 11 and PA 12 are the homopolymers of C11 and C12 amino acids, respectively.
PA 610 is a copolymer of C ...

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