5.10. Renewable Epoxy Resins

Epoxies are thermosetting resins obtained by reaction of a multiepoxy monomer and a hardener. The hardeners are often aliphatic, cycloaliphatic or aromatic diamines, and more rarely anhydrides.

5.10.1. Natural-Sourced Epoxidized Oils and Epichlorohydrin

The renewable resources may be the epoxy monomers or/and diamine or anhydride hardeners.
The various types of renewable materials, the nature of the hardener, and the versatility of the recipes lead to very diverse chemical natures and properties.
Epoxy resins can include epoxidized vegetable oils and ECH coming from glycerol that is released in the production of biodiesel. The first commercial plant of biosourced ECH has being commissioned by Solvay. Its annual capacity ...

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