5.11. Renewable Polycarbonate

5.11.1. Biosourced Polycarbonates

Thermoplastic bio-PCs can be made with isosorbide in place of BPA, in a process that avoids the use of phosgene. Mitsubishi Chemical has started production of Durabio bio-PC and Teijin proposes its Planext biopolycarbonate. Total capacity could be about 23,000 t/year.
Following information is claimed by Mitsubishi Chemical for its DURABIO™ bio-PC.

Table 5.58

Examples of Filled and Reinforced Molding Epoxides: General Properties

ReinforcementGlass FibersGlass Fibers and Mineral FillersLong Glass Fibers
Density, g/cm31.5–21.85–21.75
Shrinkage, %0.1–0.80.2–0.80.1–0.4
Tensile strength, MPa40–14050–10090
Elongation at break, %<2<1<1
Flexural strength, MPa50–20080–160180
Flexural modulus, GPa10–30 ...

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