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About the series
Communications in Information Engineering (CIE) is devoted
to the publication of proceedings of information engineering
conferences sponsored by the Information Engineering
Research Institute, USA. The topical scope of CIE spans the
entire spectrum of information engineering ranging from
foundational topics in the theory of computing to information
science and engineering technology and a broad variety of
interdisciplinary application elds such as: Sport Engineering,
Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering,
Network Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics
Engineering, Management Engineering, Control, Robotics,
and Automation, Image Processing, Signal Processing and
Telecommunication, Environmental Engineering, Artificial
Intelligence, Computer Modeling and Simulation, Education
Technology and Bioinformatics.
ISSN 2333-2115
The 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Manage-
ment Science (IEMS 2014) was held August 8-9, 2014, Hong Kong. This
proceedings volume assembles papers from various professionals, leading
researchers, engineers, scientists and students and presents innovative ideas
and research results focused on Industrial Engineering and Management
Science. The papers in this book group around the following topics: Infor-
mation Technology, Industrial Development and Industrial Engineering and
Performance Evaluation.
Communications in Information Engineering
editor: Garry Lee
Industrial Engineering
and Management Science
Industrial Engineering and Management Science

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