3Polycyclic Pigments

Polycyclic pigments consist of anellated aromatic and/or heterocyclic moieties. In commercial pigments, these may range from small systems such as diketopyrrolo-pyrrole derivatives, which feature two five-membered fused rings (DPP pigments), to large systems consisting of eight or nine anellated rings such as flavanthrone, pyranthrone, isoviolanthrone or carbazole-annellated dioxazines. The phthalocyanine skeleton with its polycyclic metal complex is somewhat unique in this respect.

Polycyclic pigments do not contain a hydrazone moiety. As a result, polycyclic pigments are also called ‘non-hydrazone pigments’. Anthraquinone hydrazone pigments are an exception, since they contain a polycyclic anthraquinone moiety as well ...

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