© Neeraj Kumar Singh, Porselvan Muthukrishnan, Satyanarayana Sanpini 2019
Neeraj Kumar Singh, Porselvan Muthukrishnan and Satyanarayana SanpiniIndustrial System Engineering for Droneshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3534-8_5

5. System Assembly, Bring-Up and Validation

Neeraj Kumar Singh1 , Porselvan Muthukrishnan1 and Satyanarayana Sanpini1
Bangalore, India

The second half of the product development cycle is the board bring-up, which aids the final system bring-up. No physical hardware or system parts are seen until the Gerber release. That is when the bring-up, the actual hardware, and mechanical parts are available for hands-on. The upcoming chapters will discuss more about the manufacturing, power on, testing, and validation of the actual ...

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