Chapter Seven. Work Life: Oxymoron No Longer

It is 3 P.M. and you are at the office. You start a conference call on your cell phone, go to your car, and proceed to drive home, perfectly multitasking, giving your employer your travel time as work time. In return, your employer lets you greet little Johnny as he gets off the bus. The call finishes up at 3:50 P.M. and you have 10 minutes until your next appointment. If you were at work, a fellow employee (likely) might distract you during this time. Instead, you use these 10 minutes to season the roast and toss it into the oven alongside large Idaho potatoes. Slow cook at 300B0 for 2 hours; after all, there is now no rush.

The 5 P.M. call is moving along normally—a typical irate customer and you instant ...

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