Additional Reference Material

EEC-Related Verbs


The EEC-related verbs are:

  • Allocate RDD.

  • Create EEC.

  • Modify EEC.

  • Query EEC.

  • Destroy EEC.

  • Deallocate RDD.

The sections that follow provide a description of each verb.

Allocate RDD Verb

Prior to creating a RD QP or an EEC, software must cause the verb layer to create an RDD. Having done so, the Create QP and Create EEC verbs may be called and supplied with the RDD as an input parameter defining the RDD that the EEC or QP is a member of. To create an RDD associated with a specific HCA, software calls the Allocate RDD verb, supplying it with the HCA Handle as the only input parameter. The RDD is created and is the only return parameter. The HCA Handle is provided as a return parameter when the

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