• Acceptance/inclusion (relationship-based currency)
  • Accordion method
  • Accusation versus inquiry
  • Agreement, reaching
  • Ajamian, Richard
  • Allen, Marcia
  • Allies, assuming all to be potential (influence model component)
  • Apple Computer
  • Army After-Action Reviews
  • Ashley, Monica
  • Assistance (task-related currency)
  • Athans, Alexander
  • Austin, Anne


  • Babitsky, Timlynn
  • Barnes, Kim
  • Barra, Mary
  • Barriers to influence
  • Behavior:
    • contextual forces shaping
    • personality and
  • “A Better World”
  • Bhat, Kavita
  • Bhat, Sachin
  • Borrowing on credit
  • Boss
    • approach to influencing
    • cost-benefit analysis of relationship
    • currencies valuable to
    • as difficult colleague
    • disagreeing without being insubordinate
    • escalating issues to a common boss
    • examples:
      • disagreeing with the boss who wants to be in charge
      • earning boss’s confidence
      • gaining promotion from
      • helping boss become more effective
    • gaining coaching and development from
    • heroic leadership model
    • influence strategy (central principles)
    • supervisor-subordinate versus partnership relationship
    • “true grit” (being a worthy partner)
    • typical issues
      • “how can I get what I want from my boss in terms of improved job scope, challenge, or autonomy”
      • “how can I help develop my boss”
      • “my boss doesn’t want a partnership”
      • “my boss is often wrong”
      • “my boss resists my ideas for how to improve things in our area”
    • utilizing partnership to gain responsibility/greater scope for your job
    • ways you can limit yourself in influencing
  • Bryant, Crystal


  • Career backgrounds (understanding ...

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