Chapter 3

The Best Influencers: The Power of Women on Your Bottom Line

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing the influence women have on their households

arrow Recognizing the power of women in social media

arrow Appreciating how on-point women are when it comes to social trends

If you’ve decided that influencer marketing is the right tool for you, the next step in carrying out your marketing strategy is to identify which influencers are right for your brand.

So, how exactly do you determine who the most successful influencers will be specific to your needs? Each situation and product will call for a unique set of influencers and campaign offerings, but it’s almost always a safe bet to start with female influencers.

In this chapter, we explain the powerful role that women play in their households, in social media, and in social trends. When you fully appreciate the power of women, you’ll be able to work with them to accomplish your marketing goals.

Women Rule the Household

Traditionally women have taken on the primary role within the household. Although gender roles are changing, women still rule the household when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Young women are exceeding their male counterparts ...

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