Chapter 18

Five Pros Doing It Right

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at companies that are nailing influencer marketing

arrow Learning from the very best

When it comes to influencer marketing, the five brands in this chapter have mastered it with their recent campaigns. In this chapter, we tell you what they did and what elements made those campaigns such successes.

Case Study: Ford Fiesta

When Ford came out with its 2014 Fiesta, it turned to consumers for all elements of its campaign, including TV, print, and digital. After a successful first pass at user-generated content for its 2009 Fiesta Movement campaign, Ford decided to give its consumers even more say this time around.

Back in 2009, Ford asked its consumers to enter to be one of 100 influencers who would receive a Fiesta for free for six months. Those who were selected participated in monthly challenges and posted about their experiences on blogs, YouTube, and their social media channels. According to Adweek, that first Ford Fiesta influencer campaign resulted in 6,000 presales of the car, with 6.2 million YouTube views, 40 million impressions, and 50,000 pieces of content. So, when Fiesta came around again, Ford decided to go even bigger with the user-generated content by making it the first campaign in the auto industry to be entirely ...

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