Info We Trust

Video description

Info We Trust celebrates data storytelling, as explained by one of the field's most talented creators. Both engineer and artist, RJ Andrews draws on disciplines from across the human experience to show how to create new ways of seeing the world. And most importantly, to build powerful data-driven information that is worthy of trust.

Maps, charts, and diagrams are the artifacts we use to picture information. But the lively exchanges these objects spark are what create meaning. How they inform-what they tell us and how they impact our decisions-matters most. This book shows how to arrange data into stories that deliver insights and inspiration.

Rich with practical details, Info We Trust surfaces timeless principles to empower all to grow our knowledge and do great things together with data.

Product information

  • Title: Info We Trust
  • Author(s): Sean Pratt, RJ Andrews
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781469072227