This book is not intended as a central resource for the design of infographics. We will, however, highlight some of the tools that can be used to create visualizations, and provide resources for designers to learn more about this practice. In addition, the framework and considerations provided regarding the concept, research, and messaging will prove very helpful for designers. We do hold in high regard the design skills necessary to create beautiful infographics, and believe that the principles and instruction taught in design schools are central to the creation of effective visualizations, whatever the medium.

The examples of formats and applications provided in this book are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all possible uses for infographics. Rather, we chose to recognize some of the key areas where infographics can provide great value to businesses, and discuss the proper approach to each at length, based on our experience working with hundreds of brands over the years, both big and small. There are certainly areas left unrecognized in this book that can bring both clarity and engagement to a brand’s messaging—this is all part of the fun. Whether in business, art, or science, people are finding new ways to utilize this incredible medium of infographics for myriad purposes. This is exactly what makes infographics so inspiring—the excitement and beauty of discovering new ways to inform and delight—visually.

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