There are countless applications for information design and visualization in the business world today. However, the needs of each company are unique, so it is necessary to create custom solutions to solve communication problems. We have structured this book to enable you to consume and learn the information that is relevant to your needs and goals, while giving you the freedom to leave behind sections that do not apply. You can think of it as a resource to reference regularly, as you identify needs and seek opportunities for new applications. Just as one designs a visualization based on the information it displays, so should you craft a visual strategy to fit your company’s needs and opportunities. This book serves as a guide to these various strategies and applications.

We’ve outlined the book’s structure in this section to give you an idea of what to expect in each chapter. You can use this to determine the relevance of a particular chapter to your company. When in doubt, please explore a chapter further. This is a great way to identify new opportunities for visualizing information, and can help evolve and transform your overall communication and marketing strategy.

Some sections of this book will be essential reading in order to understand the underlying concepts that will be discussed in further detail within each application.

However, you can read (or not read) other chapters based on your interest and/or need. The applications chapters will contain some ...

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