Appendix I: SL librarianship

The following is a set of sample raw chat transcripts from general meeting places in Second Life and from Second Life library areas. These interactions form the basis for some of the episodes in Chapter 6, but I’ve included only a small sample of chat transcriptions here. This is some of the best, and some of the worst, and all of this is from Summer and Fall 2010. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

[2010/08/12 14:10] #5: please retouch to get your tp.

[2010/08/12 14:11] Greeter: Welcome to the Michigan Library Consortium. If you have any questions, please IM Evie Mikazuki and she will get back with you shortly.

[2010/08/12 14:12] SL Library Monitor 1.3 whispers: the term is ‘-2’

[2010/08/12 14:13] SL Library ...

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