Lori J. Ashley is a Wisconsin-based consultant, writer, and educator dedicated to helping clients improve the performance of their record and information management practices and controls. An experienced business strategist and organizational development specialist, she has codeveloped four continuous improvement methodologies aimed at jump-starting collaboration among stakeholders who share accountability for effective and efficient life cycle management of valued records and information assets.

Barbara Blackburn, CRM, is an electronic records management consultant who assists organizations in defining, researching, selecting, and implementing cost-effective solutions. She assists clients in preparing for technology deployment by providing strategic planning and developing record-keeping programs and taxonomies. Ms. Blackburn has expert taxonomy design skills and has taught AIIM's Electronic Records Management and Electronic Content Management certification classroom courses.

Barclay T. Blair is an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, software and hardware vendors, and government institutions and is an author, speaker, and internationally recognized authority on information governance. He has led several high-profile consulting engagements at the world's leading institutions to help them globally transform the way they manage information. Mr. Blair is the president and founder of ViaLumina.

Charmaine Brooks, CRM, is a principal with IMERGE Consulting, ...

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