Chapter 19. The Ongoing Work of IMC

If there is one overarching message that readers should take away from this book, it is that IMC is a process, not a project. The process of IMC can certainly be broken down into projects where much of the work is done in their initial phases (i.e., drafting policies and procedures), but even those activities require ongoing review, updating, and improvement.

Every organization must strive to continually improve its Information Management program. Every program has flaws and weaknesses that need to be addressed. Every program becomes out of date with current best practices, laws, and technology unless it is continuously revised and revisited. Every program can be better.

Why Is Continuous Program Improvement (CPI) Required?

Organizations must continue to update and change their Information Management program in order to ensure that it keeps doing its job. That job is to protect and promote the organization's legal and business interests.

While the specific drivers of change are always evolving, the reasons that organizations need to continuously improve their programs are relatively constant, and include:

  • Addressing flaws and failures. Addressing flaws that were discovered through auditing and monitoring, flaws that were brought to the attention of the organization through a grievance process, and failures that blossomed into full-fledged legal or regulatory action.

  • Changing business focus. Adapting to new business strategies, such as a shift from ...

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