Many a software company cheerfully announces that their latest technology provides the solution to all information issues. But technology alone does not provide good information. People are needed for that. Technology is just the packaging. Technology can never provide the rich content and context that people can add to data.

Also, we should not forget that for many people, technology is not a goal in and of itself. Consider plumbing: Pipes, sink drains, valves, fixtures, and other materials are used to carry water, but the user at the receiving end only thinks, "Is the water clean and fresh?" or "Do I need this kind of water?" or "I'm thirsty!"

It is time to focus on the I rather than the T in the world of information technology.


Young people today ask: Why do we have to learn so much when it is so easy to find everything on the Internet? Why would you record personal information yourself? After all, information is available all the time and everywhere!

It is impossible to phrase a simple answer to these questions. It is clear, however, that you don't have to store masses of information in your brain. And our brains forget a lot. Therefore, you have to know what you want to know. Which information will make a difference to you and yours? You need to nurture significant information and knowledge. You made an effort to remember it and attached value to it, otherwise you would never have stored the information this well. Intelligent people know ...

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